Authors: Alan Baxter & Frank Romano

Alan Baxter  studied theater intensely at The College of William and Mary where he played Willy Loman in their production of Death of a Salesman. Alan has also taught theater both at the prep school and college level, directing such shows as The Time of Your Life, Waiting for Lefty, Inherit the Wind, and The Importance of Being Earnest. Professionally Alan did summer stock at the Gateway Playhouse in Bellport, Long Island, and in New York City heboth acted in and directed productions at The 13th Street Theater, Omni Theater Club, and the Kairos Theater. A few years ago he directed a reading of the play Deep in the Heart at the NYC Players Club. Mr. Baxter is also the founder of AB Film Productions, which has mounted many low-budget independent films. In 1998 AB Films produced the film Barriers, a movie that Alan personally directed and which won the Shirley Clarke Award at the Huntington Independent Film Festival in Long Island. In 2004 Alan also produced the documentary Art Watch, a film that has been nationally distributed, just like Barriers.    Contact:

Frank Romano earned a PhD at University of Paris I, Panthéon Sorbonne, and a JD at Golden Gate University, Faculty of Law, San Francisco. He is a Maître de conférences (assistant tenured professor) at the University of Paris Oueste in the Anglo-American Literature and Civilization Department, an adjunct professor at Golden Gate University, Faculty of Law and a member of the California and Marseille Bars. At present, he teaches law, literature, history and philosophy of law at the University of Paris Oueste and practices law in France and in the United States. The author actively organizes and participates in interfaith events involving Jews, Moslems and Christians in Israel and Palestine. Dr. Romano has also authored a book entitled Storm Over Morocco, published by World Audience, Inc., Globalization of Antitrust Policies (Mondialisation des politiques de concurrence), published by L’Harmattan in French, Love and Terror in the Middle East and a book of poems entitled Crossing Over. He has written many articles published in Europe and in the United States where he is often invited to speak at conferences. Contact:



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